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Eniscope - Take control of your Energy Usage

"While there are costs to reducing carbon emissions, the flipside is a market for climate change technologies and services worth something like a trillion dollars by 2010 and much more after that."  - Shell Report


When the Janssen family invented the microscope, they delivered a machine that made the invisible, visible. This allowed us to tackle problems, like diseases, much more effectively because we could finally see what was really happening in our bodies.

In Eniscope, Enigin have delivered a solution that also makes the invisible, visible. With it clients can finally see what's really happening to the energy in their business. How many business owners really know how much energy they are using and, crucially, what that energy is costing them? How many really know how much energy they are wasting or how much carbon they are producing?

Eniscope makes this ‘invisible’ information visible, and in an easy to understand format, making it possible to tackle the problem of energy management much more effectively. Eniscope can even pinpoint the cost of running individual applications within your customer’s facility and warn them when they are using too much energy.

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